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Women in Investment Report 2018

In 1993, women made up just 20% of the wealthiest 10% of the population. Whilst there have been a series of initiatives in both private and public sectors supporting the role women hold in the finance world, the gender disparity gap is still prominent.

EISA commissioned a nationally representative survey (1026 out of 2004 respondents were female) to identify what is causing such a shortage of women across the UK’s financial landscape.

The analysis makes for interesting reading. A few of the takeaways are:

Mark Brownridge, Director of EISA, says that “EISA will continue to work with HMT, BEIS, NGOs and investment community members to ensure maximum awareness amongst our industry partners. It is of critical importance to work together from grass-roots level through to policy-backed motions… to close the ill-fated gender gap for good”.

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